No Black Clothes Day

  • March 21, 2019

On the 21st of March, the Museum of Colours joins the International Colour Day by creating a No Black Clothes Day. The Museum of Colours is a project meant to raise awareness about colours in our environment. This is why we would like to show which impact it could have if everybody chose to wear anything but black, only one day. Initiating this action from Berlin, the capital city of black-dressing, has a strong meaning: there are many (good) reasons reasons why people wear black, wheather they are ideological, aesthetical, fashionable or cultural. We would like to invite Berliners, but also everybody in various countries / cities / countrysides to show off their colours. 

Here the FB event - thanks to invite your friends throughout the world!  and to help us spread the #noblackclothesday.

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