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Celebrating Colour during the Pandemic Lockdown: Britain 2020

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the Colour Group (GB) could not celebrate International Colour Day 2020. Nevertheless paradoxically, the lockdown period became a time of celebrating colour across in the land of Newton. The ‘Chase the Rainbow’ campaign was instigated on Facebook. The entire nation, from children to local and national artists, engaged in the creation of millions of rainbows. The campaign encouraged people to display pictures of rainbows in their windows. Children were to go rainbow spotting whilst out for walks. For everybody these pictures became beacons of hope for better, brighter times ahead, a token of kindness and solidarity and a way of charitable giving.

Here are some of those rainbows from across the country that appeared in the public domain and lifted up the spirit of the nation:

From left to right:
Top row: Worthington, West Sussex; City of Nottingham; Minehead, Somerset; City of Bristol;
Bottom row: Bath, East Somerset; Gloucestershire; Damian Hirst, Butterfly Rainbow; Damian Nicolson (local artist), Burnham-on-sea, Somerset; Quentin Blake.

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