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AIC was founded June 21, 1967, in Washington DC, USA,

during the 16th Session of the CIE (Commission Internationale de l’Éclairage)

The Early History of the Association Internationale de la Couleur (AIC)

by Gunnar Tonnquist

published in AIC Color 77, Proceedings of the Third Congress, Troy, New York, 10-15 July 1977 (Bristol, England: Adam Hilger, 1978), 13-32.

AIC Foundation Documents 

was signed in by these eight national color associations:

USA - Inter-Society Color Council (Deane B. Judd)

France - Centre d’Information de la Couleur (Yves LeGrand)

Great Britain - The Colour Group (Robert W. G. Hunt)

Spain - Comité Español del Color (Lorenzo Plaza)

Sweden Swedish Colour Group (Gunnar Tonnquist)

Switzerland - pro/colore (Ernst Ganz)

Japan Color Science Association of Japan (Tamotsu Fukuda)

The Netherlands Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kleurenstudie 

(J. L. Ouweltjes)

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