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AIC2024 is near! Registration is now open! 

16 — 19 September 2024. São Paulo, Brazil

Hosted by ProCor & ESPM

So now the registration is open! All engines are in full force, and everything works to receive everybody at a wonderful conference! We had 128 high-quality submissions from people all over the world!

We have wonderful news: we have the support of Brazilian government scientific agencies, which largely elevated the conference's scientific level. With our theme: Color Design, Communication, and Marketing, we are happy to announce important participation from the industry as well, including the participation of Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director from Pantone Color Institute, Urangoo Samba, Head of Colour from WGSN London, Patricia Fecci, Marketing Manager at Sherwin Williams, among others. 

The tour attraction is being prepared, offering a wonderful package trip from September 20th to September 22nd to an amazing place in the South of Brazil to visit one of the wonders of nature, Cataratas do Iguaçu, and a visit to a wonder for lovers of nature and birds, the Parque das Aves, where you can see an amazing number of different species of birds right beside you!

We would love to see you in São Paulo! You will have a profound scientific and industrial reflection on the theme and experience the wonders of Brazilian culture with our samba music, art, food, and nature!


AIC 2026 Midterm Meeting in Florence, Italy

We are excited to announce that the AIC 2026 Midterm Meeting will be held in Florence on 4 and 5 September 2026. The event, hosted by GdC - Associazione Italiana Colore, will focus on the theme "Color and Cultural Heritage". This two-day program will delve into the conservation, restoration, and access to culturally significant artefacts and sites.

Save the date!


AIC Extraordinary General Assembly 2024

The AIC Executive Committee would like to announce the Extraordinary General Assembly (GA) meeting that will take place on Thursday September 19, from 09:00 to 11:00 during the AIC2024 Midterm Meeting hosted by Associação ProCor do Brasil at the ESPM University - Rua Dr. Álvaro Alvim, 123 - Vila Mariana, São Paulo - SP, 04018-010, Brasile.

This is the agenda for the GA meeting:

1) New AIC Sphere Award vote.

2) Modification to AIC Austrian Statutes vote.


Study Group on Colour in the Arts and Design (SGAD)

Next Study Group Meeting at AIC2024 - September 17th, 2024

Venue: AIC 2024 Midterm Meeting, ESPM, São Paulo, Brazil

Chairs: Maria João Durão, David J. C. Briggs

Our Invited Lecture will be delivered by Jeannette Hanenburg, Chair of the Interdisciplinary Colour Association Belgium. Her talk is titled “Teaching Colour through Art Classes for young people in deprived areas of Florianopolis, Brazil”.

You are welcome to come and discuss your research on related themes!

To participate in the SG AD meeting, you need to register for the AIC2024 Midterm Meeting.

More information

Study Group on Colour Education (SGCE)

Study Group meeting at AIC2024 - Updates on the Colour Literacy Project

Date: September 17th, 2024

Venue: AIC 2024 Midterm Meeting, ESPM, São Paulo, Brazil

Chairs: Maggie Maggio, Robert Hirschler

All attendees to AIC 2024 are welcome. Further information will be available soon.

Study Group on Environmental Colour Design (SG ECD)

Meeting of the Study Group on Environmental Colour Design (SG ECD) 

Date: September 17th, 2024

Venue: AIC 2024 Midterm Meeting, ESPM, São Paulo, BRAZIL

Chairs: Juan Serra Lluch, Verena M. Schindler

Participation: All registered AIC 2024 attendees are welcome. Registration to the AIC 2024: May 31st to August 15th, 2024

We warmly invite you to register at the AIC 2024 Midterm Meeting in Brazil to participate in the SG ECD Meeting on Environmental Color Design, Color in Interior Design and Architecture.

Further information will be available soon on our web page.

Study Group on Colour in Games and Toys

New AIC Study Group on Colour in Games and Toys

We announce the creation of the study group on Colour in Games and Toys. The focus of the group is the use of colour in gaming contexts, particularly in games, board games, video games, and toys. The group aims to bring together researchers, experts, and enthusiasts in the field and intends to explore in-depth the importance and impact of colour in these contexts. Special attention will be given to the use of games and toys by colour-blind users. A special session on these topics will be held at AIC2024 in Brazil.

More information:


Chile - Asociación Chilena del Color

New Cumulus Working Group on Colour Education

We are happy to announce that our member Ingrid Calvo Ivanovic, Assistant Professor of the University of Chile, has launched a new specialized colour education working group as part of the Cumulus Association, the leading global association of art and design education and research. The working group called "21st Century Colour Education", was launched during the international conference Cumulus Budapest 2024, held at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME), during May 15-17. This working group aims to provide an academic platform for sharing knowledge, strategies, tools and resources relevant to teaching 21st-century colour skills for design in line with the challenges of our evolving global culture. Ingrid will be the Chair of the working group for its first period, and the next meeting will be held during Cumulus Monterrey 2024, on October 16-18, 2024.

“Los Ríos in Colores” Exhibition at Galería Réplica, Valdivia - Chile

During May and June, it was possible to visit the "Los Ríos en Colores” (Los Rios region in colours) exhibition at Galería Réplica, in the city of Valdivia, Chile. The exhibition was one of the outputs of the research project of the same name, by the main researcher Elisa Cordero, which proposed the creation of a 208-swatches colour chart based on the visual and instrumental measurement of the colours of waters, skies, forests, meadows, trees, flowers, rocks and soils existing in the landscape of the Los Ríos region, in Chilean Patagonia. The exhibition included a series of watercolour sketches that capture the chromatic atmospheres of the region, a regional map with the colours of the project, and a sample of the soils and rocks collected during the research, among others.

For more information visit the Instagram account of the research project.

Italy - Associazione Italiana Colore

XIX edition of the Color Conference, Gruppo del Colore - Associazione Italiana Colore, Italy

We warmly invite abstract submissions for the XIX edition of the Color Conference Color Conference. The deadline for sending abstracts has been extended to July 15th. 

The international conference will be held online on Thursday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th, 2024. All papers will be published in the conference proceedings. The final volume of the proceedings will be available online by December 2024.

More information: 

On colours, symbols, society and more: the books by Lia Luzzatto and Renata Pompas 

We are delighted to announce that two of the seminal works of our members Lia Luzzatto and Renata Pompas, “The Meaning of Colors” (first edition 1988) and “Colors and Fashion” (first edition 1997), published in collaboration with the publishing house Bompiani, have reached the milestones of being sold for 36 and 27 years respectively. Due to the great interest of the public, Bompiani has decided to renew the contract with the authors to continue selling the two books for the next five years. 

More information about the authors:

Switzerland - pro colore

Museum Day: Guided tour through the Sensorium

Date: Saturday, July 20, 2024, 10:45 am

Location: Sensorium, Stiftung Rüttihubelbad, Rüttihubel 29, 3512 Walkringen, Switzerland

The permanent exhibition includes seventy experience stations where visitors can play with all their senses, hear, see, smell and touch familiar and unfamiliar things. In 2024 two related special exhibitions ‘Life is Vibration’ and ‘Life and Work of Hugo Kükelhaus (1900 - 1984)’ are on display to mark the museum’s twentieth anniversary.

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