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With three annual AIC conferences to be held in Thailand (AIC2023 15th Congress ), Brazil (AIC2024 Midterm Meeting), and Taiwan (AIC2025 16th Congress) are lining up and in different stages of preparation, we are now calling for proposals to host future AIC events for 2026 - 2029. Since we are on a two year cycle now, 2027 and 2029 will be Congress years. While 2026 and 2028 will be Midterm Meeting.

Any Regular Member wishing to host a Congress or Midterm Meeting must prepare a digital proposal document including:

  1. Covering letter summarising why this is the ideal choice.
  2. The approximate month when the event will be held.
  3. Members of the organising committee.
  4. Process for selecting a venue.
  5. Budget considerations: possible sponsors or sources of funding, registration fees (economic arrangements are to be made that are most beneficial and attractive to all participants, especially having in mind those participants who cannot afford elevated costs. Thus, the registration fees should be kept as low as possible, and the venue of the meetings is to be selected so as to allow a wide number of lodging possibilities for all budgets, and varied transportation alternatives.)
  6. Colour-related attractions, social events and tours.
  7. Consolidating the 'legacy' (activities and membership).
  8. Letter of intent, signed by the Chair of the Regular Member organisation

Remember that in order to differentiate between AIC Congresses, the AIC Midterm Meetings must not be longer than three days. AIC Congresses must be four to five days long. Please review guidelines for AIC Midterm Meetings and guidelines for AIC Congresses.


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